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Preparing for ACA

Posted in Management Best Practices

The ACA is here. Use these tips and resources from PrideStaff to ensure compliance and profitability as the Act is rolled out:
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Managing Seasonal Hiring Needs

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Summer's nearly here – are you ready for more business and vacation requests? PrideStaff can provide the coverage you need to keep your business humming with these tips...
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How to Eliminate Overtime Expenses

Posted in Management Best Practices

Overtime can bring along a hefty price tag and drive labor costs sky-high. Use these tips to help eliminate overtime expenses.
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Workforce Planning

Posted in Management Best Practices,

By taking a systematic approach to using employees, you can dramatically improve your company’s ability to respond to changing conditions. In other words, a workforce plan can help ensure that you’re prepared – and not surprised. Here's where to start...
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Free Webinar: Why Most New Hires Fail

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Based on the bestselling book Hiring for Attitude featured in Forbes, Fast Company & CNBC, this webinar will show you the cutting-edge hiring practices that reveal if candidates have the right attitude to fit your culture. You’ll get the one question to assess "coachability." And you’ll get tools like the textual research that reveals if someone is a high or low performer just by the pronouns and verbs they use in their answers.
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Your 2012 Workforce Summary

Posted in Recruiting, Management Best Practices

As you prepare for the year ahead, start by taking a look back. Use PrideStaff’s tips for creating a 2012 workforce summary that will help you accurately plan for your staffing needs in 2013:
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