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How to Spot and Stop the Job Hop

Posted in Recruiting

Millennials have unofficially been dubbed "the job hopping generation." And with good reason. A recent Gallup report on millennials indicates that 21% of them say they've changed jobs within the...
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Problem Solved…Or Maybe Not?

Posted in Management Best Practices

Is "Chief Problem Creator" a key position you need to fill? Didn't think so. Employers like you want to hire people who solve problems – not create them. Regardless of...
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Assessing Soft Skills: Do you play nice with others?

Posted in Recruiting

Need a team player? Regardless of the industry, success in most jobs requires the ability to work well with peers, superiors and (when applicable) direct reports. Even if an individual...
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Hiring for Longevity

Posted in Management Best Practices, , Recruiting

PrideStaff, a leading national employment agency, shares interviewing tips to help you hire candidates who will stay with your company:
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Assessing Nonverbal Cues in the Interview

Posted in

During an interview, a candidate's expressions, posture and other nonverbal cues speak volumes about his candidacy. PrideStaff provides tips for decoding nonverbal cues.
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Talent Benchmarking

Want to make better hires? PrideStaff explains what talent benchmarking is, and why you should do it if you're planning to hire:
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