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How to Make Your Company Attractive to Candidates

Posted in Human Resources

Hair gel, lipstick and bronzer may make a person more attractive. But they won’t do much for your company’s employment brand. With unemployment rates near historic lows, it’s tougher than...
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The Deciding Factors when Pay is Equal

Posted in Management Best Practices

Imagine this scenario: A promising candidate just sailed through your interview process. They have met all of your qualifications in terms of skills, experience and culture fit – and you...
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How to Properly Bait Your Hiring Hook

Posted in Recruiting

Regardless of the available job – or which side of the desk you sit on – every interview is about selling (not fishing – although the analogy certainly is appropriate)...
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How to Sell Your Organization to a Job Candidate

Posted in , Recruiting

PrideStaff explains ways to actively promote your opportunity to job seekers, to land the best candidates when qualified talent is in short supply.
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