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The Watercooler is PrideStaff's blog covering trends and tips for successfully managing issues in the workplace, such as: retention, employee engagement, and interviewing.


Are You In Love...With Your Job?

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Do you truly love your job? PrideStaff can help you decide – and can provide more rewarding employment options if you need to make a change...
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Gathering Professional References

Posted in Job Search Tips

On the job hunt? A strong recommendation could tip the scales in your favor. Use PrideStaff’s tips to gather solid references that will help you get the job.
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Hiring Projections for the First Half of 2013

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How will the economy, talent supply and healthcare reform impact hiring in 2013? PrideStaff examines current recruiting and trends for the first half of the year.
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Workforce Planning

Posted in Management Best Practices,

By taking a systematic approach to using employees, you can dramatically improve your company’s ability to respond to changing conditions. In other words, a workforce plan can help ensure that you’re prepared – and not surprised. Here's where to start...
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Your 2012 Workforce Summary

Posted in Recruiting, Management Best Practices

As you prepare for the year ahead, start by taking a look back. Use PrideStaff’s tips for creating a 2012 workforce summary that will help you accurately plan for your staffing needs in 2013:
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Preparing for a Year End Review

Posted in Career Best Practices

Do you want a raise? A promotion? A little extra time off? Acing your annual performance review is a great way to get them! Here's how...
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