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The Watercooler is PrideStaff's blog covering trends and tips for successfully managing issues in the workplace, such as: retention, employee engagement, and interviewing.


Recent Grad Without a Job Yet? Here's How to Fix That!

You've passed your exams. Moved the tassel on your mortar board. And finally earned your degree. Congratulations! If you're a recent graduate looking for work, it's a great time to...
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Be the Star of Your 4th of July Party

Posted in Fun Stuff

Getting ready to host an Independence Day picnic or backyard barbecue? Today's post contains links to all the inspiration and instructions you need. Our team of recruiting and employment experts...
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How to Wow Your Interviewer

Posted in Career Best Practices

Have you ever watched one of those animal documentaries on Animal Planet or National Geographic? If so, you’ve probably noticed that animals do some crazy things just to capture attention...
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Bad Candidates? Maybe Your Pay Rates Stink

Posted in Human Resources

What do rotten eggs and low pay rates have in common? They both stink – to high-quality candidates, anyway! As an employer, you need to keep your human capital costs...
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How to Make Your Company Attractive to Candidates

Posted in Human Resources

Hair gel, lipstick and bronzer may make a person more attractive. But they won’t do much for your company’s employment brand. With unemployment rates near historic lows, it’s tougher than...
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How to Get Your Team to Take Charge

Posted in Management Best Practices

What kind of employees do you have: motivated, self-directed individuals who get the job done, or a bunch of powerless drones? If it’s the latter, it’s time to look in...
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