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Don't Look Desperate! Avoid Branding Yourself as a Desperate Job Seeker

Posted in Job Search Tips,

"I really need this job." "I'll take any job – I just have to get to work!" "Pleeease hire me." Do you use tactics like these when you interview? Probably...
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Is Your Major Marketable? Most Popular College Degrees and Jobs for Them

Posted in Career Best Practices

Why do most people earn college degrees? To learn essential knowledge and skills that make them more employable, of course! Unfortunately, the degrees which make graduates most attractive to employers...
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3 Reasons Superstars Aren't Applying for Your Job Opening

Posted in Recruiting,

The internet is crawling with job postings. Millions of them! While it's not likely your company will have to compete with all of those postings for your ideal candidate, the...
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Asking Good Questions Just Might Land You the Job

Posted in Career Best Practices

A job interview can be extremely intimidating. Preparing properly, however, can greatly increase your confidence! If you're like most job seekers, you probably think of the "usual suspects" when it...
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Why Didn't I Get the Job?

Posted in Career Best Practices, Job Search Tips

You applied with high hopes. Those hopes got even higher after you completed your interview. You wrapped up by stating how much you really wanted the job, and then heard...
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HR Has Transformed!

Posted in Human Resources

Remember the "personnel department"? The term sounds about as relevant in today's workplace as a mimeograph machine . Over the last 20 years, HR has undergone a fundamental transformation. The...
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