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He's Going the Distance: LONG Distance!

Posted in Career Best Practices

Want to move closer to the mountains or the ocean? Always dreamed of living and working in a big city? Need to be near family? Then today's post is for...
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5 Steps to Make Sure New Policies Get Implemented Not Disregarded

Posted in Human Resources, Management Best Practices

You've worked hard to create a new workplace policy that will benefit your company greatly. You deserve a pat on the back! But your work isn't done. Once that beautiful...
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What Does Your Staff Know, Anyway? Finding Your True Hiring Needs

Posted in , Recruiting

Hiring the wrong person for the job is a mistake. A really big, expensive mistake. One of the best ways to avoid making this costly mistake is by getting help...
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How to Properly Bait Your Hiring Hook

Posted in Recruiting

Regardless of the available job – or which side of the desk you sit on – every interview is about selling (not fishing – although the analogy certainly is appropriate)...
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How to Answer: "Why Haven't You Been Working?"

Posted in Career Best Practices

Feel like a deer in the headlights? Like you're wearing a scarlet letter? Like you have broccoli in your teeth? If you're looking for a job and have a sizeable...
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Don't Look Desperate! Avoid Branding Yourself as a Desperate Job Seeker

Posted in Job Search Tips,

"I really need this job." "I'll take any job – I just have to get to work!" "Pleeease hire me." Do you use tactics like these when you interview? Probably...
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