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It Had to Be Done: How to Ease the Firing Process

Posted in Top Jobs

Firing employees is part and parcel of any manager's job. Sometimes, it can bring great relief – especially if the person being fired is a real slacker or a downright...
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Don't Let the Hefty Holidays Hold You Down

Posted in Fun Stuff

The holidays are great. Festive parties, family gatherings, amazing hors d'oeuvres, meals and desserts... Yes, the holidays are great. But if you don't practice moderation, you might find yourself needing...
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Is Your Management Style Pushing People Out the Door?

Posted in Management Best Practices

Great employees quit good jobs for all kinds of reasons. Some turnover factors are easy to identify – and largely unavoidable (e.g., an employee moves out of town, or lands...
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Why Dedication Shouldn't Result in Workaholics

Posted in Human Resources, Management Best Practices

Every manager wants dedicated employees – people who always say "yes," take work home with them, and eat lunch right at their desk. But dedication to work is a slippery...
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How to Spot and Stop the Job Hop

Posted in Recruiting

Millennials have unofficially been dubbed "the job hopping generation." And with good reason. A recent Gallup report on millennials indicates that 21% of them say they've changed jobs within the...
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How to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

Posted in Management Best Practices

It's January, and you know what that means: tight waistbands, incoming credit card bills and piles of backlogged work. Not exactly a motivating scenario for your employees. The holidays are...
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