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Is an Assertive Candidate Good or Bad?

Posted in , Recruiting

That candidate made a great first impression. Firm handshake. Lots of eye contact. Direct, confident responses to your questions. They’re obviously assertive, but what you're wondering is: "Will he be...
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You Have to Pay to Play - Are Your Pay Rates High Enough?

Posted in Management Best Practices, Recruiting

5% unemployment? It may signal a healthier economy, but it also creates intense recruiting pressure. As good people become tougher to source and hire, you have to pay (sometimes a...
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Assessing Soft Skills: Do you play nice with others?

Posted in Recruiting

Need a team player? Regardless of the industry, success in most jobs requires the ability to work well with peers, superiors and (when applicable) direct reports. Even if an individual...
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Keeping Your Team Motivated During the Holidays

Posted in Management Best Practices

Employees thumbing through their phones more often than usual these days? Seeming more distracted? Talking more about gifts and parties than they are about work? It must be the holidays...
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The 5 Things You Need to Do to Keep Employees Happy

Posted in Management Best Practices

Ever hear the phrase "Happy wife, happy life?" While "Happy staffing, happy boss" doesn't roll of the tongue, it doesn't make it any less true! In a recent post, we...
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3 Reasons Superstars Aren't Applying for Your Job Opening

Posted in Recruiting,

The internet is crawling with job postings. Millions of them! While it's not likely your company will have to compete with all of those postings for your ideal candidate, the...
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