Staffing Services in Bellevue, WA

As part of our ongoing effort to celebrate the achievements of our individual offices, this week we’d like to introduce you to our local staffing experts in Bellevue, Washington.


Dan Parks brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as Owner and Operator of two PrideStaff offices in the Seattle Metro area.  With extensive experience staffing both national and regional contract sales teams, Dan understands first-hand what it means to be an end user of staffing services.


Change is a constant for PrideStaff’s clients.  To stay competitive, companies must be flexible and agile.  Dan and his team of staffing experts help Bellevue businesses acquire the right talent, at just the right time, to rapidly respond to their changing needs.


Named for the French word meaning “beautiful view,” Bellevue is a suburb – or “boomburb” – of Seattle.  Part of the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue MSA, Bellevue is a major regional job center and home to Microsoft, as well as 150 other company headquarters.  Services and retail comprise the largest employment sectors, but high-tech industry continues to expand and drive growth in the area.


Like all of PrideStaff’s national staffing service offices, the Bellevue branch is engaged in our corporate Mission:  “Consistently providing client experiences focused on what they value most.”  We are proud of the way our Bellevue, WA office combines the resources and expertise of a large, national staffing firm with the level of service our clients expect from a local team.


Learn more about PrideStaff’s Bellevue, Washington staffing and employment agency:



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