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Are You Caught Up in the Resume Buzzword Hype?

Posted in Career Best Practices

Think your resume has to be filled with buzzwords and extreme language to cut through the clutter? You've been given some bad advice. When you're drafting a resume, space is...
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Stockton, CA Staffing and Employment Agencies

Posted in Hot Jobs

The best jobs in Stockton, CA are right here. Bringing decades of experience to her role as a Strategic-Partner, Janelle Mercado has been called an "angel" and a "life saver"...
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How to Keep Turnover from Turning YOU Over

Recently lost a good employee? You just lost money right off your bottom line. And turnover costs a heck of a lot more than you might think. In addition to...
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The Woodlands/Conroe, TX Employment Agencies

Posted in Hot Jobs

The best jobs in The Woodlands/Conroe, TX are right here. Robert Atkinson, Owner/Strategic-Partner for PrideStaff's The Woodlands/Conroe office, values each opportunity he has to connect area job seekers with leading...
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Let's Get Personal – about Safety, That Is

Posted in

It's hot. It doesn't fit right. I just don't need it. Heard personal protective equipment complaints like these before? Employees' whining, excuses and outright refusals to comply can be enough...
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Finding a Job Candidate and Dating Have Never Been More Similar

Posted in Fun Stuff, Recruiting,

Most, if not all, of us have had two similar and equally stressful experiences, often at the same time: dating and looking for a job candidate! Have you ever stopped...
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Stop Making These Same Mistakes Every Day!

Posted in Career Best Practices, Management Best Practices

Today's going to be different. Instead of letting your work day take control of you, you're going to take the proverbial bull by the horns. Check off those to do's...
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Problem Solved…Or Maybe Not?

Posted in Management Best Practices

Is "Chief Problem Creator" a key position you need to fill? Didn't think so. Employers like you want to hire people who solve problems – not create them. Regardless of...
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Best Jobs in Houston Southwest, TX

Posted in Hot Jobs

The best jobs in Houston Southwest, TX are right here. Strategic-Partner Jonathan Smith and his team strive to deliver consistent, exceptional service to their field associates. A Houston native with...
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Is an Assertive Candidate Good or Bad?

Posted in , Recruiting

That candidate made a great first impression. Firm handshake. Lots of eye contact. Direct, confident responses to your questions. They’re obviously assertive, but what you're wondering is: "Will he be...
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