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Modesto, CA

Date Posted: December 20, 2017
Job Type: Temporary
Job ID: 274098

Job Description

As a forklift warehouse associate, you will be responsible for general shipping and receiving tasks such as receiving, unpacking, checking, and storing product or materials. In this role you will fill requisitions and orders. As a forklift warehouse associate, you will operate a forklift and an electric pallet jack. You will be required to be familiar with standard concepts, practices and procedure within a particular field.


Additional responsibilities for the forklift warehouse associate will include:


  • Performs a variety of tasks within a warehouse environment
  • Verify inventory computations by comparing them to physical counts of stock, and investigate discrepancies or adjust errors.
  • Works under general supervision; typically reports to a supervisor or manager
  • Moving controls, devices, and levers to drive forklifts to transfer materials between unloading, processing, loading, and storage areas.
  • Organizing and securing stored materials such as cans, cases, boxes, pallets, and so on.
  • Loading or unloading materials manually, off or on to pallets, platforms, skids, or lifting devises.
  • Performing routine post and pre inspections to ensure suitable working nature or forklift equipment.
  • Reporting to supervisor regarding any damage to racks, faulty equipment, or any other safety hazards.
  • Weighing products or materials, and recording weight and further production information on labels and tags.
  • Consulting, working, and coordinating with supervisors, managers, equipment manufactures, and employees regarding unloading and loading operations.
  • Wrapping material loads with a wrapper and making clean the warehouse premises.
  • Completing forklift operator training provided by the industry annually.
  • Performing other duties as allotted by a manager or supervisor.
  • 1 - 2 years of experience is preferred