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Lebanon, OH

Salary: Pay rate is depending on experience
Date Posted: November 20, 2017
Job Type: Temporary to Hire
Job ID: 280438

Job Description

Job Summary:

A brake press operator uses an electrically powered industrial machine to create, shape and customize metal material into a variety of forms dictated by the manufacturer.  Required to read and interpret detailed and complex instructions to produce the desired forms. 



  1. Sets stops on machine bed, change dies, and adjust components, such as ram or power press, when making multiple or successive passes.
  2. Operates power press, power brake, apron brake, swaging machine, foot-powered press, hydraulic press or arbor press according to specifications.
  3. Installs, aligns and secures gears, holding fixtures, dies to machine bed, using gauges, templates, feelers, shims and hand tools.
  4. Plans sequence of operations, applying knowledge of physical properties of the metal.
  5. Inspects workpiece for defects.
  6. Measures workpiece and verifies dimensions and weight, using micrometer, template, straightedge and scale.
  7. Selects and positions flat, block, radius, or special purpose die sets into ram and bed of machine, using hoist, crane, measuring instruments and hand tools.
  8. Maintain the machinery and keep the work area clean and orderly.


Skills Required:

  1. Good Math Skills: in order to understand complex instructions, how schematics work and to ensure that items are designed and built correctly.
  2. Problem Solving Skills: in order to understand when the machine is not at peak performance, how to increase output and how to fix errors.
  3. Attention to Detail: press brakes are precision equipment.  Being off by millimeters could be a critical error.
  4. Mechanical and Technical Skills: machines controlled by computers will need operators who understand technology.
  5. Stamina: press brake operators often long hours doing repetitive movements.

Hours:    2nd Shift position

Pay:       Depending on experience