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Atlanta, GA

Salary: $20/hr
Date Posted: September 28, 2017
Job Type: Temporary to Hire
Job ID: 283008

Job Description

Manufacturing Supply Chain Clerk



  1. Manage both MRP and Kanban requirements, enter into ERP system, and distribute and maintain manufacturing orders. Manage Kanbans including release, printing, revision and cancellation.
  2. Handle all inquiries for expedited customer order delivery requests. Respond to requests in a timely manner and follow through on commitments.
  3. Generate work order travelers and assemble fabrication traveler packets for orders with fixed/standard bills of material.
  4. Assist Materials department to initiate and enter purchase orders into the ERP system for all components/ raw materials and services required for manufacturing, shipping and passivation and operations.
  5. Assist Materials department in managing component/raw material inventory levels and finished goods inventory through performance monitoring and implement lead-time and cost reduction opportunities. Analyze reports to determine required quantities and delivery dates of materials/services and communicate requirements to suppliers.
  6. Submit Manufacturing Engineering RFQs to suppliers. Maintain database of supplier quotations.
  7. Monitor and maintain inventory of manufacturing consumables.
  8. Help ensure inventory accuracy. Conduct Kanban and inventory audits. Assist production personnel in identifying and correcting problems found.
  9. Work closely with supervisors and management to determine production priorities, overtime requirements, and capacity or work order issues.
  10. Help develop and maintain appropriate measurements of above. Continually work to improve performance and material flow by identifying root causes of problems and solving using process improvement techniques.
  11. Initiate and participate in process improvement activities. Develop and implement solutions working with Manufacturing Supervisors, Buyers, Engineering, Management, Customer Care, and hourly personnel as appropriate.
  12. Assist with materials and planning/scheduling process and procedure documentation.
  13. Complete or help coordinate other related, supporting projects as assigned.

Qualifications (education, experience, skills, personal attributes):

  1. Competency in Microsoft Office applications required.
  2. Good organizational and analytical problem solving skills required
  3. Accurate and timely data entry capabilities.
  4. Must possess strong verbal and written communication skills, including negotiating.
  5. Must be goal and detail oriented, reliable, self-motivated and able to multi-task effectively.