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Visalia, CA

Salary: $16-$17
Date Posted: October 20, 2017
Job Type: Direct Hire
Job ID: 284092

Job Description

The Analytical Laboratory Technician(s)  is responsible for performing chemical analyses using written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The Analytical Laboratory Technician will prepare samples for analysis, prepare reagents used for analysis, operate and maintain laboratory instruments, maintain written and electronic documentation, perform calculations including use of spreadsheets, and actively participate in a Quality Assurance Program. The Analytical Laboratory Technician reports to the Analytical Chemistry Lab Supervisor.


  • Conducts chemical analyses of corn ethanol process and similar biomass samples using Company  SOPs.
  • Prepares samples for analysis using a variety of wet chemical and biochemical methods using Company SOPs.
  • Prepares reagents to be used in analysis as per written SOP.
  • Operates, calibrates and maintains HPLC instruments.
  • Collects and analyzes data using spreadsheet calculations and basic statistics. Maintains laboratory notebooks in accordance to company policy.
  • Actively participates in, and performs activities in accordance with, Laboratory Quality Assurance Program.
  • Makes and maintains stock solutions as required.
  • Works in a safe manner and adheres to all company safety policies.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Analytical Chemistry Lab Supervisor.


  • Minimum 3 years experience working in an analytical chemistry lab.
  • Knowledge of aqueous solution chemistry, preferably involving starches, cellulose or other carbohydrates.
  • Experience using strong acids and bases.
  • Experience with the application of enzymes.
  • Familiar with use and maintenance of HPLC instrumentation including instrument calibration is a plus.
  • Ability to operate and maintain common laboratory equipment such as analytical balances, pipets, ovens and autoclaves.
  • Ability to function as part of a multi-discipline project team.
  • Ability to communicate effectively through speaking, writing, and organization.
  • Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite or similar software.
  • Familiarity with LabSolutions, LCSolutions, and Chemstation software is a plus.
  • Ability to rigorously follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for chemical analyses and equipment set-up with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to effectively analyze data and to perform mathematical calculations using spreadsheets and basic statistics.
  • Working knowledge of safe chemical handling procedures and ability to read and follow MSDS / SDS requirements.
  • Ability to work flexible shifts including nights and weekend.
  • Ability to work weekends and evening without supervision.


BA/BS in chemistry or 5 year experience in related field.


  • Must be able to perform the essential functions with or without accommodations (position is considered light work, exerting up to 5-10 pounds frequently in a laboratory, and work is primarily done upright at a waist high lab counter for lengthy periods of time working with chemicals, beakers, flasks and other lab equipment):
  • Physical Task
  • Description and hours or percentage of time spent on task
  • Extending hands and arms in any direction.
  • Intermittently, 75% of the time.
  • Move, Traverse.
  • Frequently, move about the lab.
  • Remain upright at lab counter.
  • Constantly, 90% of the time.
  • Apply pressure to an object with the fingers and palm.
  • Constantly, 90% of the time.
  • Raising objects from a lower to a higher position or moving objects horizontally from position to position.
  • Constantly, 90% of the time.
  • Must be able to handle various chemicals safely and follow safety policies and procedures.
  • Frequently handles hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. Exposed to liquids, fumes, dust, and gasses.

Schedule: Monday- Friday, weekends off

Hours/Shifts: 1st shift 6 am - 2:00 pm or 2nd shift 12 - 9 pm

*** Please note that shifts varies depending on projects being worked on a daily basis***

Pay:  $16-$17/hr DOE