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Cottondale, AL

Date Posted: October 31, 2017
Job Type: Temporary to Hire
Job ID: 285779

Job Description

Sandblaster needed immediately ASAP in Steel Fabricating industry.  

Job Duties:

  • Abrades surfaces of metal or hard-composition objects to remove adhering scale, sand, paint, grease, tar, rust, and dirt, and to impart specified finish, using abrasive-blasting equipment:Experience required. 
  • Loads parts on racks in enclosed rooms, into tumbling barrels, or into cabinets.
  • Turns valves on equipment to regulate pressure and composition of abrasive mixture flowing through nozzle or into tumbling barrel.
  • Starts equipment that directs blast or flow of abrasive-laden compressed air, gas, or liquid over surface of parts.
  • Manually directs nozzle over surface of large parts or inserts arms through glove-fitted cabinet openings and manipulates small parts under nozzle for specified interval.
  • May examine finished parts to ensure conformance to specifications.

$11.00 per hour. 

Full Time.