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Job Details

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Gainesville, GA

Salary: 18.00
Date Posted: November 1, 2017
Job Type: Direct Hire
Job ID: 287341

Job Description

Specialists of the Apartment Maintenance field are required to perform several duties related to the cleaning, coloring, and other maintenance tasks for apartments. They are responsible for diagnosing and solving different problems in an apartment complex, such as repairing air conditioning systems, fixing electrical switches, unclogging drains, checking fluid levels, replacing machine parts, etc. These workers also perform regular preventative maintenance tasks to make sure that buildings do not deteriorate and all is functioning smoothly.

Apartment Maintenance workers usually perform many of the following tasks: 
• Replacing filters. 
• Maintaining heating systems. 
• Fixing leaks in ceilings. 
• Diagnosing problems. 
• Painting walls.


• Having manual dexterity. 
• Being able to solve different types of problems. 
• Having mechanical aptitude. 
• Being physically fit. 
• Having basic carpentry knowledge. 
• Being able to work under pressure. 
• Having high attention to details. 
• Being able to perform different tasks at the same time. 
• Having good communication skills. 
• Being able to follow precise instructions.