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Fort Worth, TX

Salary: Depends on experience
Date Posted: April 20, 2018
Job ID: 298406

Job Description

Job Responsibilities

As an Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Clerk, you will be responsible for the day to day processing of financial transactions to ensure that records are maintained in an up to date and accurate manner, including:

  • Receiving and verifying invoices and requisitions for goods and services
  • Receiving payments, reconciling payments with outstanding invoices, performing associated data entry, and following procedures for late and incomplete payments
  • Verifying that transactions comply with financial policies and procedures
  • Preparing, verifying and processing invoices and coding payment documents
  • Preparing batches of invoices for data entry
  • Data entering invoices for payment
  • Processing backup reports after data entry
  • Managing the payment and check printing processes
  • Recording all checks
  • Preparing manual checks when required
  • Maintaining listing of accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Maintaining the general ledger and updated vendor files and file numbers
  • Printing and distributing financial reports
  • Handling and researching questions that arise from customers, vendors, and internal staff