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Miami, FL

Salary: $16.00-19.00 p/ hour
Date Posted: February 20, 2018
Job Type: Temporary to Hire
Job ID: 298733

Job Description

Air & Ocean Export Coordinator


  1. Complete the training program that allows technical knowledge of the operational processes of warehouse management, export-import and compliance issues. The direct function of the “trainee” during the program is to provide feedback and support to the Miami Station Manager in the improvement and efficiency of the services provided to the customers.
  2. Fulfill the training program in all operational areas at warehouse, exports and compliance.
  3. Develop, execute and fulfill the assigned projects during the training period delivering the reports, analysis and support information.
  4. Monitor your personal development with the staff.
  5. Produce the weekly performance metrics report of Miami to be presented in the Operations and Service Committee, following up on the issues, tasks and pending assigned to Miami in each meeting.
  6. Issue biweekly report of the training program, providing feedback with comments and recommendations of each of the processes executed. 



To fulfill general and specific objectives, the trainee should accomplished the scheduled activities and develop and execute the assigned projects reporting biweekly his performance.

The main responsibilities for this position are:

  • Know, understand, learn and perform all warehouse processes including receiving cargo, data entry, locations, facility management, measure capacity indexes of the warehouse, picking, packing, dispatch controls, quality processes, reporting, labor kpi’s, labor assignments, metrics, statistics, etc.
  • Monitor and plan the relationship with the warehouse staff.
  • Learn, practice and develop qualified skills using the QS software with developed criteria to analyze and use the information in the different systems of the business. 
  • Provide feedback to Miami Station Manager about improving opportunities of any processes of the company.
  • Know, understand, learn and perform all documentation and booking cargo processes including air freight exports, ocean freight exports, priority air cargo, imports, statistic information, booking and relationship with carriers, coordination with warehouse staff to accomplish shipments, statistics, reporting, internal control system, metrics, productivity kpi’s, etc.
  • Study and learn all the critical routes for the cargo (for air, ground, ocean freight).  Analyze continuously the optimal routes of each service.
  • Evaluate and manage the variable of costs and time to maximize the operational efficiency of the routes leaving the USA.
  • Build a flowchart of the relationships with suppliers (shipping companies, airlines, inland freight, port support, agents, etc.)
  • Build the operations handbook of Miami (most of the processes must be included … CONTRACTS, PRICE AGREEMENTS, and ENSURED POSITIONS)
  • Develop the specific and assigned projects.
  • Study and learn behavior of different customer profiles.



  • Assertive in interpersonal relationships
  • Full proficiency in Spanish and English
  • Knowledge in logistics 
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical skills
  • Process oriented
  • High sense of discipline and compliance
  • Proactive leader with entrepreneurial spirit
  • Ability to relate easily with internal and external representatives.
  • Operations – Logistics – Export
  • Warehouse processes experience, inventory management experience.
  • Experience managing people from different areas. 
  • Passion to be connected 24x7x365 (communicated, follow up)
  • Knowledge in technology, maps, best routs, GPS, logistics apps.