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Job Details

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South Houston, TX

Salary: $15 to $18/hr
Date Posted: March 8, 2018
Job Type: Temporary to Hire
Job ID: 299696

Job Description


Responsible for producing machined parts operating a CNC machine, maintaining quality and safety standards, maintaining equipment and supplies.



  • Will be in charge of Setup, operation, and perform own quality assurance on machined parts
  • Ensure all items inbound and outbound are accounted for in status, work order# and material matches specification or returned to stock.
  • Will inspect each piece of part produced by CNC or lathe  to ensure it matches  description and dimension, prior to release to next work position or shipping/receiving quality control and adherence to customer specifications or USAI work Orders.
  • Will provide “G” codes as necessary for programming of numeric controlled machines using FANUC or similar controls to produce parts.
  • Will coordinate all raw material, drawings, and CNC machines.
  • Records start/stop times on Vantage traveler sheets to account for production time.
  • Sufficient knowledge of machine breakdown, cleaning, and repair, hydraulics/pneumatics, and inspection of cutting tools for sharpness and usability is necessary for the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose contemplated repairs of CNC and other shop machines with tooling and parts.
  • Prepare items for manufacturing and inspect production runs for malfunction or incorrect measurements using micrometers, dial calipers, depth gauges, and indicators and scales
  • Assemble parts and remove major burrs in preparation of stamping or engraving
  • Ensures any surplus  raw inventory pulls for stock items or assemble are returned to stock and are properly Identified with heat Code#
  • Assist fork lift operators  in loading and unloading of product for manufacturing
  • Remove machine by-product and ensure  waste is placed in right container for recycling
  • Perform related duties as assigned i.e. Sets up machine operations that apply to different manufacturing processes: Selects chucks, tools, bits, or inserts to accommodate type of product to be produced and attaches it to machine. Adjusts rollers, arm attachments, or other assemblies according to width and location necessary to be applied on machine for product manufacturing.
  • Positions product in chuck and starts machine. Removes finished product from machine upon completion and examines for quality and match to specifications
  • Must communicate with supervisors, engineers, ship/receive personnel for product status and inventory adjustments in quantities to be manufactured




·         Communicates sufficiently to communicate in a clear, understandable manner.

·         Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving experience

·         Knowledge of production processes and flow of product

·         Must be able to be effective in a fast paced environment


·         High School diploma or GED

Work Experience

·         5 plus years of experience in a metal fabricating environment with knowledge of              CNC machines.

Physical Requirements

·         Ability to lift, climb, bend, stoop, push and pull.

·         Continuous standing and/or walking.

·         Moderate physical effort- working frequently with average weights of ten to fifty              pounds or continuously with lighter weights.

·         Good eye/hand/foot coordination.

·         Good visual acuity- cannot be colorblind.

·         Ability to work in cold, hot and/or dusty environment, with noisy conditions.

·         Must be able to become forklift certified.

Must be able to lift fifty pounds independently.