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Covington, KY

Salary: 44,000
Date Posted: March 4, 2019
Job Type: Direct Hire
Job ID: 350046

Job Description

To be responsible for working with our client to develop, validate, and execute a range of cell-based and biochemical assays to derive data relevant and necessary to our clients' ongoing research in pharmacological, metabolic, and pharmacokinetic properties of small molecule research and discovery.

Key duties/responsibilities of Cell Biologist:

1. Set up and maintain mammalian cell culture

a. Media formulation/preparation, freezing, thawing, and testing cell banks

b. Sub cloning and screening

c. Cell counting, expanding and harvesting

2. Set up in vitro bioassays using cell culture such as cell viability (i.e. MTT, alamar blue), reporter gene and/or caspase activation assays

3. Perform histochemistry and live cell imaging.

a. Assist in the development of histochemistry techniques to label, image, and quantitate cell organelles and biochemicals.

b. Perform experiments using histochemistry and live cell imaging. Perform quantitation of cell imaging experiments.

4. Assist in laboratory techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), gel electrophoresis, ELISA, enzyme assays, HPLC and lyophilization, as needed.

5. Assist in laboratory maintenance including reagent preparation, ordering supplies, and equipment maintenance.

6. Assist in purifying antibodies and routine testing of antibodies.

7. Analyze and plot experimental data, and prepare technical reports. Maintain good laboratory notebook and follow GLP documentation if necessary.

8. Experience with image analysis and laboratory automation is a plus. 9. Comply with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Biologic Safety Manual.


• Bachelor of Science, or Master of Science degree in the Biological or Physical Sciences

• MUST HAVE 2-3 years of relevant experience, and demonstrated working knowledge of scientific principles.

• MUST HAVE mammalian cell culture experience and expertise.