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Mike Cook, Owner/Strategic-Partner
Relevant Experience
: I spent more than 25 years in management; mostly supply chain, distribution and 3 PL. I’ve worked in companies from mom-and-pop shops to multibillion dollar corporations, including a world leader in systems integration. In that role, we were able to grow the business more than 140% in one year by putting the right people in place to ensure all key performance indicators were met.  In the process, I learned firsthand the importance of human capital and proactive planning to support growth and eliminate growing pains. 


Perhaps most importantly, I've been in the role of hiring manager and have used a lot of temporary services in the past.  I’ve translated that understanding of business pain points and the challenges of working with people to my own staffing business with PrideStaff and compiled a team that understands your needs.


The Big Picture: In today’s economy when employers are gun-shy about adding new employees, staffing is the perfect solution. Risk and cost are reduced, and companies are still able to address increased demand with temporary labor.


Hiring managers can rest assured that we understand your pain points because we have been in your shoes.  We understand budget constraints.  We realize that with increased demand comes growing pains.  We've built our entire service model around helping overcome these challenges.


The Scoop on Staffing: We decided to launch a staffing firm for two reasons. First, because we know firsthand how valuable it is for employers to have the capability to respond to fluctuating business needs with temporary workers.


Second, because putting good people to work is important to us. There are a lot of people searching for a new opportunity and steady paycheck, and it’s gratifying to be able to support the community.


Partnering with PrideStaff seemed like a natural choice. We share the same business philosophy, and their training, support and unique approach is unmatched by other franchise models.


Secrets to Success: There is nothing more important to success than doing what you say you are going to do. You need to work with integrity and recognize that when things go wrong, as they sometimes do, you have to take ownership and make them right.


We take pride in never trying to put a square peg in a round hole. We make sure that the job and the opportunity are the perfect fit for everyone involved. When we talk to our clients, they know we are there to be a partner. They understand that we have been in their shoes and we get it.


For our candidates, we want to be the helping hand they need, providing a path to consistent income and professional growth and opportunity.


Favorite Stress Reliever: Family, outdoors and sports!  I have twin daughters that certainly keep me busy and whenever possible the family enjoys spending time outdoors.  I'm also a huge St. Louis Cardinals and Blues fan and while I love watching the pros, I also enjoy being active myself by participating in triathlons. 


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