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Need Some Holiday Cash? Consider a Temp Position

Posted in Career Best Practices, Top Jobs

Sleigh bells are jingling. How about your pockets? Let's be real. The holidays are fun, but they're also expensive. Research shows that the average American spends more than $900 on...
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Why Should We Hire You? Here's the Answer They Are Looking For…

Posted in Job Search Tips, Career Best Practices

Interview questions come in all shapes and sizes: There's the icebreaker: "How long was your commute here today?" The behavioral: "Describe a work situation in which you faced extreme time...
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Do You Have an APPetite for Success? 3 Productivity Apps that will Transform Your Work Day

Posted in Career Best Practices

Inbox overflowing? Mind racing? Being pulled in too many directions? There’s an app for that. Apps have transformed the way we live and work – but some are much more...
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The Right Way to Decline a Job Offer

Posted in Career Best Practices

The boss grated on your nerves. The job would be a dead end for you. The pay was insulting. Whatever your reasons for rejecting a job offer, there are right...
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The Office Love Bug

"Yay!" or "Yikes!" Which will you be exclaiming? It all depends on how you handle that budding office romance of yours. For some, finding a love connection at work is...
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Maybe I Shouldn't – Questions You Should Never Ask at Your Interview

Posted in Job Search Tips

To ask, or not to ask? It's an important consideration when you're in the midst of a job interview. On the one hand, asking good questions just might land you...
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