Staffing Services in Columbia, SC

As part of our ongoing effort to celebrate the achievements of our individual offices, this week we’d like to introduce you to our local staffing experts in Columbia, South Carolina.

With extensive experience in sales, marketing and business management, Strategic-Partner/Owner Jim Johnston brings an insider’s perspective to his job.  Over the years, Jim has spent a large amount of time managing people and creating business projections, so he has a true sense of the workforce and economic challenges his clients face. 

As the state capital and largest city in South Carolina, Columbia is the heart of the state government (which is the city’s largest employment sector).  Situated centrally where three rivers converge, the area “ripples” with opportunity.  The service sector accounts for the vast majority of the South Carolina economy.  Columbia’s other major industries include agriculture, as well as textile, chemical, paper and automotive manufacturing. 


In recent years, several large corporations have moved their locations to South Carolina because it is a no labor union state.  As a result, many businesses utilize staffing agencies like PrideStaff to temporarily fill positions.


Like all of PrideStaff’s national staffing service offices, the Columbia branch is committed to developing mutually beneficial partnerships with clients and talent in the communities they serve.  We are proud of the success of our Columbia office and applaud its ongoing achievements.

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