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It’s not by accident that the word “pride” is in our name. PrideStaff Franchisees/Strategic-Partners are proud to build a business that puts people to work, helps companies grow and prosper, and is respected in their community. Our culture is truly unique, and our Mission Statement and Core Values are so much more than slogans on a website. They are not obligatory terms, but serve guides for the decisions we make and directions we follow. We are 100% focused on the client experience we provide on a daily basis. As a result, we are consistently recognized in the top 1% of the staffing industry in Client and Talent (Candidate) Loyalty. This, of course, translates into repeat and referral business.

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“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

– Tony Gaskins


The PrideStaff team and our Franchisee/Strategic-Partners have a mutual responsibility to support each other, and it is critical that we both do our parts to ensure a successful business.

Your Role
In your role as a PrideStaff Franchisee/Strategic-Partner, you will act as the CEO of your business, overseeing territory development and operations of your office. To be highly successful in this business, you will need to be a strong leader, who fosters a culture of vision, growth, and accountability (with a side of fun) in your office. You will need to build a sales team of 3-4 people. An Account Manager will be responsible for building relationships on behalf of your business with your prospects and clients. We strongly encourage you to remain highly involved in this aspect of the business, as you want to be the face of your organization. Your team will also need to include Staffing Consultants, who will handle everything that needs to be done inside the office, including posting job ads, interviewing candidates, taking job orders, promoting top candidates to clients and prospects, setting appointments for the outside sales team, and more.

Our Role
As you handle the side of the business that interfaces with clients and temporary associates, the PrideStaff Home Office will handle all matters of support. We will provide you with the operating system and proven processes, which clearly outline recommended activity, training (initial and ongoing), field support (in person, over the phone, and online), and back office support. This includes temporary payroll, billing, collections, risk management, marketing, vendor procurement, and much more. See Support Systems for more details.

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