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Staffing is one of the top ten fastest growing industries in the nation and has been for over 25 years. It is predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to create the most new jobs over the next ten years. The industry steadily grows, regardless of the economy.

“Good people are hard to find.” Surely, you’ve heard this before, and you’ve probably experienced the challenges of recruiting the right talent. At PrideStaff, our core competency is finding the best job candidates for our clients and the best career opportunities for our applicants.

Staffing Demand

3+ million people are employed by staffing companies every business day
The U.S. staffing industry generated $160B in revenues in 2018, its highest level ever 
76% of temporary staffing employees work full-time

Value to Clients

  • All businesses need the best talent available to compete in this global economy, yet many say they dread to hire and to fire.
  • Staffing is very time consuming and requires a high level of expertise, which most companies either do not have or do not want to spend resources on. Staffing services help them focus on their core competencies and build their businesses.
  • Temporary services provide companies with a flexible workforce. This helps them meet demand during busy times and operate lean during slower times, regardless of the economy.
  • Temp-to-hire allows businesses to “try before they buy.”
  • Direct hire through a staffing service provides clients with a higher level of talent than they could achieve on their own.

Value to Job Seekers

  • Most job seekers are overwhelmed by the impersonal online job search approach. They do not know how to navigate the complexities of finding and acquiring a good job.
  • Through a staffing service, job seekers get an advocate who coaches and trains them, and represents them to vetted companies.
  • Many companies only look for talent through staffing services; as such, these services provide access to this “hidden job market.”
  • Temporary assignments provide time and commitment flexibility to those who need it.
  • Temp-to-hire is an avenue to a permanent job, and a way to “try before they buy.”

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