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As you evaluate which franchise is right for you, one of the key components is the structure provided by the Franchisor. A benefit of being a franchisee is to have local ownership combined with the strength of a national organization. As a Franchisee Strategic-Partner with PrideStaff, you will build your business with a strong foundation of systems, support, and processes.

Pre-Opening Support

Territory and Demographics
As a PrideStaff Strategic-Partner, you will be granted a protected territory. Our territories are generous in size, based on employment numbers, in the market and defined by Zip Codes. Our software enables us to create, edit, visualize and analyze customer and business data in the context of location. During the PrideStaff Discovery Process, franchise candidates are provided thematic maps and a demographic report on the territory they are considering.

Training and Development
We have a culture of continuous education and professional development, which begins with PrideStaff University. PrideStaff’s training program is developed with the mindset that we are a total sales organization, focused on activities that produce results both inside and outside the office. We actively identify and incorporate best practices into our training programs. Our Learning Management System supports the growth of our Franchisee/Strategic-Partners on a sustainable basis well into the future.

Site Selection
The location of your office is critically important. We will work closely with you and your Commercial Realtor to find the best location for your market. You will be provided with sample floor plans and photographs of existing offices to use as a guideline.

Franchise Coordination
One of the most important things we can do for a franchisee is to ensure a successful and smooth opening. Among the many things this department does, one of the most critical is the regularly scheduled and structured process they guide a new office through. This ensures that no critical steps are missed in the complex process of forming your own corporation and opening a PrideStaff franchise.

Field Support

Field Support
Our Vice President-Field Consultants (VP-FCs) and Franchise Support Representatives (FSRs) across the country support our franchises locally. Your VP-FC will focus on your business holistically. This includes, but is not limited to, bottom-line profitability, business management, sales funnel management and operations. Your FSR will focus on the operational issues that affect your income/profit, primarily with your inside sales team.

Ongoing Support

Technology is a vital aspect of all businesses, and maintaining that technology is crucial. With PrideStaff, you receive the full support, technological knowledge and experience of an entire team of IT professionals. In an increasingly fast-paced world of technology, you will get the most up to date systems, automation and tools.

One of the best ways to keep temporary associates happy is to pay them correctly and on time. We make that easy! You approve the time cards online and we take care of the rest. This includes all funding of payroll expenses for temporary associates.

Vendor Procurement
We continually assess our current vendors and identify new ones for our offices. They must both increase productivity and provide maximum value to a franchisee. This includes, but is not limited to, vendors for business insurance, advertising, recruiting, drug and background testing, sales and marketing. We are able to facilitate the purchase of many of the items and services you need for your business at a reduced cost, and happily pass the savings on to you.

Billing and Collections
All invoicing is handled in-house, including collections. It can be an awkward transition to go from a selling/servicing/consulting call with a client to a collection call on a past due invoice. For that reason, collection calls are made from the Credit/Collections department at the Home Office; the Franchisee/Strategic-Partner is only involved when a client becomes seriously late or unresponsive. This department also conducts monthly calls with you to review your Aging Report and keep you abreast of any potential issues.

You will get a wealth of resources to assist you in your sales and recruiting efforts, and to help you reach your goals. For client and talent acquisition, we have campaigns for every situation and every kind of prospect. Our marketing efforts cross many platforms including print, web-based, social media and mass communications. When you open your office, we will provide you with a 90-day supply of forms, our award-winning advertising and marketing materials, stationery, letterhead, business cards, envelopes and other printed materials, at our cost.

Risk Management
Our goal is to help our offices limit any loss of revenue and profit. We do so by maintaining strong, up front and preventative processes, and by mitigating liability once an issue occurs. PrideStaff’s Risk Management department handles the following areas: human resources, unemployment, labor law, benefits, workers’ compensation and many more.

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got the answers! The AnswerHub, our internal call center, trains and assists offices with operational issues relating to our business software and processes. Get immediate, live-person support when you need it.

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