Worldwide Business Features PrideStaff Kathy Ireland interviews PrideStaff Senior Vice President of Franchise Development

Empowered Voices: Women In Business Leadership

Real stories and insights from women redefining success in the PrideStaff system and staffing industry

Amy Linn Owner/Strategic-Partner, PrideStaff Dallas (North)
Ann Gilbert Owner/Strategic-Partner, Phoenix Metro - East Valley & Scottsdale
Blanca Covarrubias Owner/Strategic-Partner, PrideStaff Visalia
Ana Muños Owner/Strategic-Partner, PrideStaff Chicagoland (W-SW)


Real, unscripted interviews with current PrideStaff Franchisee Strategic-Partners

Franchisee Strategic-Partner Hear first-hand about his new life and future with PrideStaff.
Franchisees Strategic-Partners Hear from two more Franchisee Strategic-Partners.

Clients & Candidates

Real life, unscripted interviews with PrideStaff candidates and clients

PrideStaff Candidates Hear real stories from actual job candidates.

PrideStaff Clients Learn about the benefits of working with PrideStaff from an actual client's perspective.

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