Career Spotlight: Mortgage Jobs in Melville, NY

Looking for the best mortgage jobs in Melville?

You’ve come to the right place. As a leading mortgage industry recruiter serving the Melville, NY region, PrideStaff Melville has temporary, temp-to-hire and direct opportunities available for:

Mortgage Processors

A mortgage processor reviews, preps, organizes and submits mortgage loan files for underwriting once loans are originated. They work with customers, internal team members and external sources to: oversee various background and credit checks; gather missing loan information; input proper loan information for processing; ensure that all loan documentation is complete, accurate, verified and compliant; order and coordinate loan documents; and take each file from pre-approval to closing in a timely fashion.

If you’d like to work as a mortgage loan processor, you should:

  • possess solid math, communication, customer service and computer skills;
  • have a working knowledge of mortgage industry regulations such as RESPA, Regulation Z and Regulation B;
  • understand real estate documentation, underwriting policies, mortgage compliance concepts and procedures;
  • consider obtaining certification through the National Association of Mortgage Processors.

Mortgage Compliance Officers

A mortgage compliance officer ensures the organization is in full compliance with all state and federal rules and regulations related to the mortgage industry. In addition to managing and directing the employer’s compliance program, compliance officers are also typically responsible for the overall development, oversight and administration of compliance functions.

Individuals interested in mortgage compliance jobs should:

  • have a strong residential & commercial mortgage compliance background;
  • have expert knowledge of mortgage industry regulations, disclosures and laws such as TILA, RESPA, HMDA and B monitoring;
  • possess excellent communication, presentation, project management and problem-solving skills.

Mortgage Controllers

A mortgage controller works directly with senior executives and is responsible for the organization’s financial operations and management. Job responsibilities vary from role to role, but typically include: establishing and maintaining an accounting system to properly reflect the organization’s financial position; administering the organization’s fiscal record keeping; developing and maintaining cash accounts and budgets; serving as the primary contact for all financial aspects of regulatory audit examinations; and hiring, training and managing accounting support staff.

Professionals interested in mortgage controller jobs should:

  • possess several years of experience in an accounting or finance role;
  • hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting or finance (a master’s degree such as an MBA is generally preferred);
  • be proficient in accounting software and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP);
  • have solid people- and project-management skills.

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