It Pays to Have Friends!®

Know someone looking for a job? Send them our way! If we employ your friend, you’ll get $100! Just fill out the form below to send us a referral. Check the program rules and use the form below to submit your referral*.

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    • Referral program not available in all locations. Check with your local PrideStaff office for details.

    Program rules
    Participating PrideStaff offices implemented the following Employee Referral Bonus Program:

    Eligibility of PrideStaff Companies Affiliates: Only certain PrideStaff Home Office Employees, PrideStaff Field Associates, and PrideStaff brand employees are eligible to participate in this Program. PrideStaff franchise office staff are not eligible to participate.

    1. Field Associates
    All current and former PrideStaff Field Associates – with the exception of those who are subsequently converted to positions as PrideStaff branch employees or any other position in which recruitment is a core job duty – are eligible to participate in the Employee Referral Bonus Program provided they are currently in good standing (i.e., are eligible for rehire).

    2. PrideStaff Home Office Employees
    Current PrideStaff Home Office Employees are eligible to participate in the Employee Referral Program, only if (a) the Employee is not employed as a corporate recruiter or any other role in which recruitment is a core job duty; and/or (b) the Employee is not otherwise eligible for any other incentive compensation if the referred candidate is placed.

    3. Corporate-Owned Branch Employees
    Current employees of PrideStaff company-owned field offices are eligible to participate in the Employee Referral Program, only if the referral is made to another company-owned location and if they would not otherwise be entitled to receive incentive compensation for the placed referred candidate. Intraoffice referrals are not eligible.

    Eligibility of Others
    Any other person who is not affiliated with PrideStaff is potentially eligible to participate.

    Bonus Criteria and Payments
    To receive a bonus, the referred candidate: (1) must be placed by PrideStaff or one of its brands on an assignment in the United States; (2) cannot be the result of a recruiting function such as a college hiring effort or career job fair; (3) must be placed on assignment within six months of the referral; AND (4) must work at least 160 hours on the assignment at the same participating PrideStaff office.

    The referring person will not receive a bonus if their referral: (1) has already been referred by someone else; (2) has already completed a candidate profile or applied to the PrideStaff Companies within past 12 months; (3) is an employee of any current client of PrideStaff Companies.

    Referral bonus will be paid in the form of a VISA gift card. Only one bonus paid per person referred. All referrals must be submitted electronically to the It Pays to Have Friends!® link located on the PrideStaff website. PrideStaff does not guarantee employment to any individual and reserves the right to change these program rules at any time.


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