Protect yourself from fraudulent job postings

We have learned of several social media posts which are causing confusion with candidates thinking they are related to PrideStaff opportunities. These posts are impersonating PrideStaff and its team members to advertise fraudulent job postings using spoofed domain names and email accounts. We are concerned that candidates trying to apply to PrideStaff job opportunities may rely on information in these posts by mistake. Please be aware that these social media posts and their related accounts are not in any way affiliated with PrideStaff. You can always verify that a job posting is legitimate by reviewing the available opportunities on our website at To help protect yourself from possible online scams, we encourage you to consider the following practices.

Look out for spoofed domains and email addresses

Scammers impersonating PrideStaff may create fraudulent website domains and email addresses that look like legitimate addresses. For example, spoofed domains may include a typo or replace letters with numbers. PrideStaff’s legitimate websites are and and you may contact us at our official email address PrideStaff recruiters will never email you from commercial email services (such as Gmail or Yahoo mail).

Stay alert to suspicious or informal onboarding through social media

PrideStaff onboards all of its employees through a combination of phone screening, an official application, reference checks, and in-person and virtual interviewing. We do not conduct interviews through social media, such as Facebook or Telegram Messenger. Additionally, our services are always free to job seekers, and we will never ask for an employment fee.

PrideStaff will never ask you to use a personal bank account to transfer money

Please be aware that common scams involve the recruitment of money mules to help launder funds. Such scammers may ask you to transfer money in various forms (such as by a personal bank account, virtual currency, or prepaid debit cards).

Never feel pressured to give out information (such as your credit card number or account password)

PrideStaff services are always free to job seekers, and we will never ask for an employment fee. We will never ask you to use a personal bank account or credit card to transfer money. We will also never ask for your social media account login information.

Contact us directly if you are unsure

Scammers may try to use calls, texts, and emails to further impersonate PrideStaff recruiters. If you’re ever unsure, it’s safest to end the call/chat and contact PrideStaff directly at 888.408.7781 or

If you think that you may have disclosed your personal or account information in error, or that you have been a victim of fraudulent activity, please contact your bank and/or credit card company immediately. You may also wish to contact a credit reporting agency or submit an IC3 complaint on the FBI website at