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PrideStaff’s Unique & Proven Approach
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It’s like cloning. But legal. Our talent sourcing approach identifies your ideal employee and sources talent to fit your unique requirements. Improve hiring outcomes efficiently and effectively with three simple steps.

The On Target Process

Here’s How Our Proven Blueprint Can Find You Better Hires

Develop Map
We document job profiles, interview current employees, conduct job shadowing analysis and administer all benchmarking evaluations. This is where we create the blueprint for your ideal hire.
Evaluate vs. Map
PrideStaff sources talent around your key hiring requirements and then evaluates against the map. Interviews, skills tests, assessment tests and reference checks are used to validate each candidate.
On Target Candidate
Only final candidates, those who meet or exceed your map requirements, are referred to you for final assessment.

Benefits of the On Target Process

Better Quality Candidates
Our talent sourcing approach is designed to ensure higher quality candidates by focusing on the alignment between candidates and your exact job profiles. Through a systematic approach, we prioritize sourcing talent that closely matches your specific hiring requirements.

Reduced Hiring Time
We go beyond the job description and conduct interviews with your current employees, perform job shadowing analysis, and administer benchmarking evaluations. This thorough evaluation helps our recruiting firm create a blueprint that precisely outlines your ideal hire, streamlining and accelerating the hiring process.

Fewer Headaches and Less Wasted Time
No more wading through mountains of resumes from unqualified candidates or training promising new hires who quit after a few weeks. Our rigorous measures ensure the candidates we recommend possess the required qualifications, desired traits and potential to excel in the role.

Decreased Training Costs
Our staffing agency delivers candidates who closely match your job requirements, reducing training needs—and saving time and money.

Easier Hiring Process
Navigate the hiring process easily and efficiently using our simplified and structured talent sourcing approach. Our proven methodology reduces administrative burden and decision-making complexity by streamlining the evaluation and referral of candidates who meet or exceed your specific hiring requirements.

What Roles are Best for This Talent Sourcing Approach?

Clerical Roles

By developing a comprehensive job profile and conducting thorough evaluations, we ensure that candidates possess the necessary administrative skills, organizational abilities, and attention to detail crucial for success in clerical positions. Our recruiting firm’s targeted approach minimizes the chances of mismatches and saves time for both employers and candidates, resulting in a streamlined hiring process and the selection of qualified clerical professionals who will contribute to your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

Data Entry Positions

The On Target approach enables the effective assessment of specific skills and qualifications that are crucial for success in data entry roles, including the following:
● Typing speed and accuracy
● Attention to detail
● Software and data management proficiency
● Organizational and time management abilities

Through interviews and job shadowing analysis, we gain insight as to how qualified each data entry professional is for your open positions.

Customer Service Jobs

We assess candidates’ communication skills to ensure they can effectively interact with customers and address their needs with professionalism and empathy. Since customer service representatives often need to handle challenging customer interactions, we also evaluate our candidates’ problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and positive attitude. By rigorously evaluating candidates based on these criteria, the On Target process ensures we recommend customer service representatives who will contribute to the satisfaction and loyalty of your customer base.

Call Center Positions

Our On Target approach emphasizes the importance of finding candidates who possess a customer-centric mindset. Call center agents must be patient, empathetic, and capable of building rapport with customers to create positive experiences. By evaluating candidates’ interpersonal skills, empathy levels, and ability to handle difficult or irate customers, we ensure they have the right demeanor to deliver exceptional service.

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