It’s like cloning. But legal.

The On Target Process

Want to make better hires? Start with a better hiring blueprint!

Develop Map
We document job profiles, interview current employees, conduct job shadowing analysis and administer all benchmarking evaluations. This is where we create the blueprint for your ideal hire.
Evaluate vs. Map
PrideStaff sources talent around your key hiring requirements and then evaluates against the map. Interviews, skills tests, assessment tests and reference checks are used to validate each candidate.
On Target Candidate
Only final candidates, those who meet or exceed your map requirements, are referred to you for final assessment.

On Target Benefits

  • Better quality candidates
  • Reduced hiring time
  • Fewer headaches and less wasted time
  • Decrease training costs
  • Easier hiring process

On Target is Ideal For

  • Clerical
  • Data entry
  • Customer service
  • Call center


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