4 Tips to Help Evaluate Your Remote Hiring Process

It’s a New Year. Is it time for a new hiring process?

If you’re hiring remotely it is!

In 2020, the world of work and talent landscape evolved dramatically – and so did best practices for hiring. If you’re growing your team with remote hiring in 2021, what needs to change – and what can stay the same?

Here are 4 aspects of remote hiring to consider:


#1: Your recruiting strategy.

Unless you rely heavily on in-person career fairs or campus recruiting events, many of the tactics you use to attract candidates to your organization (e.g., social recruiting, job advertising, and employer branding) will likely work well as part of your remote hiring process. If you are hiring for remote jobs, adjust your strategy to cast a wider geographic net.


#2: Your job postings.

  • If the role you are filling is remote, make sure you include “remote” in the job title. This will help ensure your posting ranks high for people looking for remote opportunities.
  • Include information about your culture. When candidates interview remotely, they miss out on experiencing firsthand what your work environment is like. Showcase the things your organization does to promote teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of community – especially if these are done virtually.
  • If work is to be performed on-site, clearly outline your safety practices. Without the benefit of candidates coming on-site to see your protocols in action, your job posting must “pick up the slack” and include information to ensure job seekers that they will be working in a safe and healthy environment.


#3: Your interview technology and processes.

Video interviews are the new norm for remote hiring. As with all aspects of candidate selection, the right interview tools, training, and preparation are essential to success.

While you need to invest in reliable software and ensure everyone is properly trained to leverage video interviews, don’t let the format change derail your interview process. Follow the structure that has proven effective for your in-person interviews. Ask your usual questions and, if interviewing with other members of your team, make sure you designate a leader. In this post, we share tips to consistently execute effective video interviews that bring you one step closer to hiring your ideal candidate.


#4. Your candidate evaluation process.

With so many people learning and working from home, it’s hard for candidates (even great ones) to create a silent, distraction-free environment. Bear this in mind as you evaluate their suitability. Focus on the substance of interviewees’ answers, and resist the urge to penalize them on remote interview factors outside their control (e.g., a neighbor’s barking dog or an interruption in internet service).


Need help with remote hiring?

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