How to Wow Your Interviewer

Have you ever watched one of those animal documentaries on Animal Planet or National Geographic? If so, you’ve probably noticed that animals do some crazy things just to capture attention and stand out.

A peacock for example fans its long, iridescent tail feathers and waggles its wings while strutting around, all to capture the attention of its mate.

Displaying colorful plumage may be a great way to impress a peacock, but it probably won’t do much to wow a hiring manager during your next job interview.

To make a great first impression on your interviewer, skip the feathers and follow these suggestions from PrideStaff’s expert recruiters:

Offer a solid handshake. Heard this tip before? That’s because it works! Potential employers rely heavily on your nonverbal cues to assess your confidence, intelligence and power. A firm (not crushing) handshake, coupled with appropriate (not glaring) eye contact conveys your self-assurance and enthusiasm before you even utter a single word. For more nonverbal interview communication tips, read this earlier post.

Provide a letter-perfect resume. A resume that’s concise, polished, customized for the job, and full of measurable results can instantly distinguish you as a desirable candidate. How can you design a resume that really wows an interviewer? Use the tips in this post to craft a resume that makes a great impression.

Do your homework. Research the employer online, and then use what you learn to demonstrate your interest and knowledge during the interview. Cite a recent news story about the employer; discuss the company’s planned development or expansion, and the role you could play; or explain how you could help the organization address a specific business challenge. Showing that you’ve invested time learning about the employer speaks volumes about your interest in the job – and your potential as an employee.

Prepare answers to common interview questions. It’s highly likely you’ll be asked a question like, “Why do you want this job?” Make sure you nail the response! In this post we share tips for answering standard interview questions the right way.

Be yourself. While it’s important to appear enthusiastic and prepared, be careful not to take things too far. Otherwise, you run the risk of sounding disingenuous or like an over-rehearsed robot. If you want to make a great impression, try being yourself – not someone else.

Use the mirroring technique. Whether they’re brusque, nervous, laid back or friendly, people naturally trust individuals who are similar to themselves. It makes them feel more comfortable and paves the way for better communication. Create a great first impression by sizing up your interviewer, and then using the mirroring tips in this post.

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