Recently Graduated and Don’t Have a Job Yet? Here’s How We Can Help You Break Into Your Field

Are you a recent graduate having trouble finding a position in your field? Don’t worry, it’s not uncommon, and it doesn’t mean there is no hope. There are many paths to career success, and sometimes it helps to think outside the box when you are trying to get started.

Have you ever considered working with a staffing firm? Many people believe that staffing agencies are only for people looking for temporary work. However, most staffing firms offer direct hire services that have many benefits for job seekers just starting their careers.

How can a staffing agency help you break into your field and set you up for long-term career success? Consider these benefits of working with a staffing firm to find your first job:

Gain Access to Industry Experts

Most agencies specialize in specific industries. The recruiters are familiar with the path to success in your field and can help you reach your career goals. They are connected with leading employers looking for talent like you, and their industry-specific knowledge can help you stand out among other applicants. Working with a staffing firm can also help you negotiate the best starting salary and benefits for your new role.

Tap Into an Established Network

You’re just starting your first job hunt, but the recruiters at a staffing firm hunt for jobs every day. They have an established network of employers and can help you find a job that matches your skills and a company where you will feel comfortable, included, and valued. Recruiters work on both sides of the employment equation. They find work for job seekers, but they also search for top talent for leading employers. Putting yourself on their radar gives you instant access to eager employers who are actively hiring.

Get a Career Coach

Your recruiter becomes your career advocate. They’ll invest time in getting to know your skills, experience, goals, and personality, so they can help you reach your goals. Often they will help you polish your resume and prepare for interviews. During the hiring process, they’ll keep in close contact with you, offering valuable feedback from employers that can improve your confidence or provide ways to improve your next interview.

Build Experience

Your goal is to find the perfect job, but you also need to pay the bills. If your job search is taking longer than expected, a staffing firm can help you find temporary work in your field. You can gain valuable experience, build your resume, and make new industry connections while continuing to search for your dream job.

Advance Your Career

Recruiters know a lot about the industries they serve and can offer excellent career advice. Maintaining the relationship can provide a great resource to help you chart a path toward your ultimate career goal. Once your recruiter has helped you find your first dream job, they may be able to help you take the next step down the road!

Need Help Finding a Dream Job in Your Field?

Your local PrideStaff recruiter can connect you with leading employers in your industry. We’ll help you polish your resume, practice your interviewing skills, and land the perfect job for you. Contact us—we’re ready to help!

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