Something’s Strange – 4 Red Flags of a Dysfunctional Company to Spot Before Accepting a Job Offer


You can’t blame them.

In an effort to attract talented people like you, employers polish up their brand online and put their best foot forward during the hiring process.

But there’s a difference between polishing and deceiving.

Every job search is full of decisions, and sometimes you must make big ones based on very limited information. So, if something an employer does during the interview process makes you scratch your head and wonder if something’s strange, should you be alarmed or just take it in stride?

Here are a few red flags that are real cause for alarm for when you’re on the job hunt:

The written job description doesn’t match what the hiring manager tells you.

Vague and/or poorly written job descriptions are all too common – because often, job postings are written by someone internally who has little or no direct contact with the position. But if there’s a big gap between what you’ve read online and what you’re being told during the interview, that could be cause for concern. Make sure you get clarification on the responsibilities of the job early in the hiring process.

You don’t get to meet your direct supervisor.

Before you accept any job offer, you should have the opportunity to get to know your potential boss. After all, this is someone you’ll interact with daily. If your request to meet the individual who will manage you is denied (unless there’s a REALLY good reason), proceed with caution – it could be because they’re a horrible boss.

The hiring process screeches to a halt.

Employers increasingly rely on automated technology to manage applications and delays are to be expected. If things are moving along well and then stop cold, however, it could be a sign of dysfunction within the company. Companies that drop the ball with you during the interview phase may continue this behavior once you’re hired – to the detriment of your work and career.

Employees aren’t welcoming.

If the employees you pass as you’re escorted through the building don’t greet you with a smile or at least a friendly nod of acknowledgement, take note. Unhappy or stressed workers are a clear indicator something is wrong with the organizational culture.

Spot one of these red flags after receiving a job offer?

Trust your gut and run! Read this earlier post from PrideStaff on how to decline that job offer professionally. Then, apply with PrideStaff. Our employment specialists will find out what you value most in your career and can give you the inside track on what it’s really like to work for an employer. Start your search for the right job here.