Staffing Services in Bloomington, IL

As part of our ongoing effort to celebrate the achievements of our individual offices, this week we’d like to introduce you to our local staffing experts in Bloomington, Illinois.

With extensive experience in hiring, staffing and training, owners Sam and Terri Lewis bring an insider’s perspective to their jobs.  Sam, in particular, spent a lot of time working directly with recruiters and staffing services, so he has a true sense of the workforce and economic challenges his clients face.

Referred to affectionately by locals as “Bloomtown” or “B-town,” Bloomington is part of a twin cities metropolitan area known as Bloomington-Normal.  Located in the heart of Illinois, the vibrant community is home to 165,000+ people who exemplify the values of the Midwest and boast a remarkable quality of life.  Home to the headquarters for State Farm Insurance and Mitsubishi Motors North America, the metro area’s diverse economy includes transportation, professional and business services, and production.

PrideStaff’s Bloomington, Illinois office is backed by a national network – but they take a strictly local approach to staffing.  The result?  You get the best of both worlds:  the support of a national network, plus local staffing experts who understand staffing in Bloomington and know where to find the area’s best talent.

Owners Sam and Terri Lewis are not just building a company, they’re building a community.  We applaud the Bloomington office’s achievements in its local community and the unique way they make laughter a part of their daily business.

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