The Best Office Halloween Costumes for 2017

Will your Halloween costume be a trick or a treat this year?

With virtually unlimited options, choosing a costume that is work-appropriate and suits your personality can be overwhelming. But this post makes it a cinch.

Let’s start with a few office costume ground rules:

  • Don’t wear anything too revealing.
    Use your company’s dress code as a guide to determine where to draw the line – and always err on the side of caution.
  • Stay away from costumes that make social or political commentaries.
    Costumes that make a statement about your social, religious or political views may unwittingly offend a co-worker or superior.
  • Go for comfort.
    If you’ll be wearing the costume all day, you need to be comfortable. Consider whether the costume may be too hot, difficult to sit in, or otherwise drive you nuts while you try to get your work done.
  • Think twice about makeup or masks.
    Either may become a problem after several hours on the job, and a face full of fake blood may gross others out. If you plan to wear makeup, experiment with it ahead of time to make sure it doesn’t rub off too easily, itch or irritate your skin.

Office Friendly Costume Ideas

E.T. and Elliott

Hot-glue or duct tape a pair of old bike handlebars to a milk crate (glue a cutout of E.T.’s head to the crate, so it’s peeking over the top). Don a red hoodie, and you’re all set to recreate the famous flying bicycle scene! We really love this idea, because the prop is simple to make and yet instantly recognizable.

Rosie the Riveter

A red bandana, blue chambray shirt and flexed bicep are all you need to emulate this World War II cultural icon. Smart, easy and inexpensive.


Looking for a cute group costume? Simply glue white cardboard or fabric dots (and a white, horizontal dividing stripe around your waist) to black clothes and you can outfit a group of any size with minimal effort.

The Housewife

This costume is inexpensive, comfortable and simple to make. Just wear a pair of pajamas, robe and big slippers. Carry around a new flyswatter, roll your hair in pink foam curlers and wear white makeup to simulate cold cream.

Dwight and Angela from The Office

Up for a thrift-store run? You’ll find everything you need for these two costumes there.

For Dwight: Buy a mustard-yellow dress shirt (we hope you don’t already own one) and the ugliest earth-tone tie you can find. Part your hair down the middle, and then finish the outfit off with a pair of dollar-store-inspired eyeglasses.

For Angela: Go for a “drab is more” vibe, layering a grey cardigan over a prim blouse (buttoned up to the neck, of course). Style your hair with a hairband or in a conservative bun, and complete the look with a stuffed cat.


Cartoon Characters

Feeling funny? Why not dress up as your favorite animated personality? Cartoon characters, especially classics like Fred and Wilma Flintstone, are popular choices. Most Halloween costume stores carry pre-packaged versions that are ready to wear. Other options include Mickey Mouse, the Smurfs, Superman and other superheroes.

Enjoy your Halloween office party – and Happy Halloween from all of us at PrideStaff!