Top High-Paying Jobs for Military Veterans

Think your military skills don’t fit the civilian job market—and that the unique abilities you’ve honed during your military service might not be appreciated by civilian employers?

Think again.

Your military background has prepared you with a wealth of skills and traits that are highly sought after in the civilian workforce.

Here are 10 fulfilling, high-paying roles in which you can leverage your skills and experiences to create a bright post-military career:

  1. Operations Manager. Veterans are adept at strategizing and executing complex operations, skills that are directly applicable to overseeing an organization’s operations, ensuring efficiency, and improving profitability.
  2. Information Security Analyst. The military instills a strong sense of security and confidentiality, making veterans ideal for roles focused on protecting an organization’s cyber infrastructure against threats.
  3. Project Manager. With exceptional leadership skills and the ability to work under pressure, veterans are well-suited to project management roles where they can oversee projects from inception to completion, ensuring objectives are met on time and within budget.
  4. Human Resources Coordinator. Veterans often possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, making them excellent candidates for managing an organization’s workforce, including hiring, training, and conflict resolution.
  5. Supply Chain Manager. Military logistics training translates seamlessly into managing supply chains, ensuring materials, information, and finances flow efficiently from supplier to consumer.
  6. Finance Manager. Veterans who have handled budgets and financial planning in the military can transition these skills to managing an organization’s finances, including investments, budgeting processes, and financial forecasting.
  7. IT Project Manager. The technical skills and disciplined focus gained in the military are perfect for leading IT projects and overseeing the development and implementation of technology solutions.
  8. Sales Director. Leadership skills, along with the ability to strategize and motivate a team, prepare veterans for high-level sales positions where they can drive revenue growth and expand market presence.
  9. Risk Management Director. The foresight and problem-solving abilities developed during military service are ideal for identifying potential risks to an organization and developing mitigation strategies.
  10. Health Services Coordinator. Veterans with medical or logistical military backgrounds can effectively manage healthcare facilities, ensuring efficient delivery of care and compliance with regulations.

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