Don’t Leave It up to Luck – Build a Recruitment Strategy!

build a recruitment strategy

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire the best talent by simply wishing on a four-leaf clover?

Effective recruiting doesn’t happen by accident, and there’s no magic involved. Smart professionals make their own luck – by building a proactive recruiting strategy.

What is a recruitment strategy?

Proactive recruiting is a multi-dimensional approach to ensuring your organization has timely access to qualified candidates, while providing a fair hiring process. Does it require substantial time, effort, and expertise to create? Yes, but a solid strategy yields multiple benefits for your organization.


Here’s why you need to build a recruitment strategy:


Great talent is hard to find.

Unemployment may still be relatively high, but it’s tough to find people with the experience, soft skills, and cultural fit to thrive in your company, even in our current economy. A recruiting strategy anticipates hiring needs (to take the time pressure off), while also improving your access to talent.


It improves consistency.

Standardizing and operationalizing recruiting and selection processes helps ensure tasks are conducted consistently – reducing risks of bias and discrimination while improving overall hiring results.

It accelerates hiring.

With comprehensive, current job descriptions at the ready, it’s much easier and faster to write compelling job postings that will garner A-level candidates’ attention.


Your ideal candidates may not be scouring job postings.

The best person for your available role may be gainfully employed. A comprehensive recruiting strategy includes tactics directed at attracting both active and passive candidates.


What should you include in your recruiting strategy?

While every plan is unique, a proactive strategy typically includes the following elements:

  • Anticipating your future hiring needs – instead of merely reacting to position vacancies.
  • Understanding your hiring market dynamics – including labor/talent supply, unemployment, and economic trends, competitive forces, geographic factors, and more.
  • Analyzing your current talent inventory, to determine where you’re most vulnerable to skill shortages and potential talent gaps.
  • Determining the ideal recruiting methods to cast a wide net for the types of people you need today and tomorrow.
  • Updating and expanding job descriptions to outline potential career paths and explain the “What’s In It For Me” for potential candidates.
  • Strengthening your employment brand, to turn your organization into a magnet for talented people.
  • Create a robust referral program to broaden your access to great candidates.
  • Building a better career site, so it’s a destination for active and passive talent.


Want to hire better talent?

Make PrideStaff a part of your recruiting strategy. We can help you plan your future hiring needs, update position descriptions, accelerate recruiting and hire great people – quickly and cost-effectively.

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