Can temporary employees drive profits?

May 1, 2009

The old notion that temporary employees are just for last minute fill-ins is out. Using temporaries strategically to drive profits is in. 

When used strategically, temporary employees can reduce payroll and benefits costs, cut overtime expenses, eliminate overcapacity, free key staff, increase productivity, and allow businesses to capitalize on new opportunities–all with less business risk than hiring! Here are six ways PrideStaff Field Associates can help you increase your bottom line.

Keep critical jobs fully staffed.

Vacations, maternity leave, jury duty, medical and military leaves can create havoc on your productivity. Keep your operations running efficiently by using Field Associates to fill in for short-term and long-term absences. 

Manage your busy season.

Every business has fluctuations in their workload. To keep up with demand–without overspending on labor or burning out your staff–supplement your workforce with well trained Field Associates. Just like a manufacturer uses just-in-time inventory, you can use just-in-time staffing to expand your capacity as needed.

Get on demand access to specialized skills and knowledge.

Our Field Associates are not just for clerical and industrial jobs. We can also provide you with professional and technical Field Associates who can offer the expertise you need to successfully kick off and implement critical projects. Using a professional Field Associate is like hiring a consultant for a fraction of the cost. 

Capitalize on new opportunities.

Have you ever had to forgo an opportunity due to a lack of resources? Qualified Field Associates can give you’re the manpower and intellectual capital you need to tackle new opportunities without adding overhead. You can also use our Field Associates to free your staff to work on the new projects. 

Eliminate bottlenecks.

When capacity constraints occur, shift your core staff to focus on your most critical work functions and use Field Associates to back fill the easier administrative and support tasks. 

Cost-effectively manage high turnover positions.

Some job functions have inherently high turnover rates. Using Field Associates in place of full-time employees can alleviate the stress and expense of constantly finding replacements.

There is virtually no limit to the ways in which Field Associates can be used to enhance your profits. For more ideas, we invite you to schedule some time to sit down with us to discuss your goals, challenges and opportunities. We will help you to brainstorm the most cost-effective means of managing your staffing requirements. You may be pleasantly surprised by the recommendations we can offer!

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