Five Tips for Finding – and Keeping! – Top Employees

June 13, 2018

Your business can only be as successful as the team you put together, and you need every competitive advantage to find and keep top employees. Here are five actionable tips you can use to attract and retain talent.

Cultivate a Culture That Attracts

Talented people want to work for great organizations, and companies that create a good culture tend to attract higher-caliber candidates. Contrary to what you’ve seen portrayed on TV, culture isn’t about ping pong tables or free beer in the kitchen. It’s the norms and values that govern your workplace. Companies with a good culture are supportive, collaborative environments where employees’ values align with the company values. Your culture will have an impact on your ability to recruit successfully and retain top talent, so it pays to invest in building the right environment.

Create a Positive Candidate Experience

The experience a candidate has during the hiring process will play a big role in their decision-making process if they receive an offer. If the process is slow, disorganized, rife with poor communication or makes them feel like they are not valued, they will assume this is the way you treat your employees, as well. Focus on building a streamlined, positive process that makes candidates want to work for you.

Review Compensation Packages

Employees want to feel valued. Money isn’t everything, but no one wants to feel like they are being taken advantage of and talented candidates aren’t likely to take a step backward in pay. Make sure that your compensation packages keep pace with market value and provide employees with opportunities to be rewarded with raises.

Benefits and perks are equally important and can often go a long way toward establishing loyalty. Benefits like flexible scheduling, parental and family leave, tuition reimbursement and student loan assistance can be great ways to show your team they are valued.

Invest in Development

Talented people don’t want to stay stagnant in their careers. They want to grow and develop, so it is worth the time and the money to invest in their long-term success. Provide clear paths for advancement, and whenever possible, promote from within. Encourage talented employees to attend seminars or earn certifications, and sponsor them or reimburse them for successful completion. Employees will be much more inclined to stay loyal to a company that invests in their future.

Work With a Professional Recruiter

It can take a lot of time and resources to implement strategies that will improve hiring and retention. However, there is a way to start improving your processes and build an effective team today. Partnering with a strategic staffing firm allows you to tap into a deep pool of talent that is well-matched for your organization. Hiring well is the first step towards improving retention, so if you’re ready to start accessing great talent, contact the recruiting experts at PrideStaff today.

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