How To Create a Culture of Appreciation at Work

July 30, 2018

Employee engagement isn’t a buzzword – it’s the cornerstone of a great corporate culture. Overhauling corporate culture is never easy, but companies of any size in any industry can start boosting engagement today by focusing on appreciation. Summer is the perfect time to have a little fun and start creating a culture of appreciation at work.

Throw an Employee Appreciation Party

Show your employees that you care about all the hard work they do by letting them step away from their tasks, relax, and enjoy the camaraderie of their co-workers. Take advantage of the warm weather and throw an employee appreciation barbecue on a Friday afternoon.

Schedule the party for mid-afternoon, and put managers in charge of cooking, serving and clearing. Someone should give a brief address formally thanking employees for their efforts, and if you really want to show appreciation, allow everyone to clock out an hour early to enjoy the rest of the day with their families.

Implement an “I’ve Noticed” Program

Your employees want to know you see them making extra efforts. Saying “thank you” is important, but go the extra mile for employees who truly go above and beyond. Start an “I’ve noticed” program where managers and employees can submit observations of a colleague who did much more than they were asked to do. Each month, print out certificates for those who were recognized, and perhaps have the nominating employee present the award to their co-worker. Enter each person into a raffle for something fun and perhaps themed for the month. For summer, this could mean tickets to a ballgame or amusement park, for example.

The person who earns the most “notices” for the year might then be eligible for a larger prize. Make it something worthwhile like a monetary bonus or extra paid time off to encourage people to repeat positive behaviors in the future.

Help Employees Manage Stress

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s nice to know that someone sees what’s happening and cares about your well-being. The same is true for your employees. When you notice that stress is running high among individuals or even the entire group, step in and say thank you for the extra effort and ask what you can do to help. Finally – and this is the most important step – follow through.

Often, this means shifting resources to help teams execute their tasks. If you’re experiencing high summer demand, hiring temporary or contract workers to ease the stress can help employees manage their work and meet deadlines without burning out. By taking action to help employees under stress, you’ll be creating an important bridge to trust and appreciation.

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