Like A Phoenix, PrideStaff of Lake Charles Rises From The Ashes

March 30, 2022

How It Started: 
• With great optimism and sound business analysis, PrideStaff Lake Charles became a reality in April 2018.
• Lake Charles natives, with deep familial roots, Thomas Kennedy Clemons and Tanya Cheer Clemons (siblings born and raised in Lake Charles) returned with a mission of starting a business that both uplifted the community and contributed to the bustling economy of southwest Louisiana
• “We wanted to build a business that meant more than personal financial gain but also reflected a real commitment to the community,” said co-founder and strategic partner, Thomas Clemons, “with the current and projected economic growth in the region, we saw a need for a staffing agency that cared equally about helping those who wanted to find meaningful work and career growth AND helping local businesses, large and small, find qualified and motivated workers”
• “Our mission is simple, yet profound,” added Tanya Clemons. “We strive to: consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most”
• “As an I/O psychologist who has served as Chief Talent Officer in multiple Fortune 100 companies, like IBM, Microsoft, and Pfizer, I know the impact of great talent practices on a company’s ability to realize it’s goals,” said Tanya. “Placing the best candidate in the right job opportunity is one of the most challenging aspects of human capital management. There is science and process rigor that has to be applied, while also leveraging the art of assessing people and helping them realize their potential.”
• PrideStaff has a proven track record of applying cutting-edge staffing practices to help employers find the best candidates. “We bring a consultative approach to the work we do with our clients,” said Thomas, “we are invested in the business goals of our client companies and the career goals of our job candidates.”

And Then This Happened:
• Covid-19…pandemic lock down; record high infection & hospitalization rates
• Hurricane Laura…Category 4 (tied with the 1856 hurricane as the strongest on record to make landfall in LA)
• A few weeks later, the SWLA area was hit by Hurricane Delta
• Ice storm
• Massive flooding
• Months of power outages; displaced local population
• Widespread worker shortages
• Through it all PrideStaff Lake Charles refused to furlough a single member of our small, amazing team
• We continued to stay in contact with our clients, sharing information and offering support

How It’s Going: 
• “At a time when many small businesses closed their doors, we were determined to not only survive but position ourselves to thrive during these challenging times,” Thomas shared. “We believed in our firm’s business model and in the resiliency of the people of southwest Louisiana!”
• Not that the past 18 months have been easy…everyday brought new challenges, requiring creative problem solving and commitment to building something for the long-term
• “we agreed that the only way out of this was to bet on ourselves and our team,” added Tanya, “so we did our research on the economic outlook for the region, we stayed in close contact with key clients, and garnered insights and information from other local business leaders”
• The commitment to the region and its potential never wavered. So instead of pulling back and being tentative, PrideStaff Lake Charles is preparing to nearly double the size of the team!
• “We’re here to stay and continue to grow along with the region!” exclaimed Thomas, “this isn’t just about our livelihood; it’s about our lives and our family legacy!”


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