Turn a Temporary Assignment into a Full-Time Job

May 1, 2009

Pave the Way to a Rewarding Full-Time Job as a PrideStaff Field Associate

Temporary work may be “the single most productive strategy for finding a full-time job” (Employment Week). With unemployment numbers soaring, competition for the best job assignments is becoming more and more intense. So how can you make the most out of your temporary assignment–and turn it into a great full-time job?

Here are a few inside tips to help you get started:

Be direct about your goals. Looking for a full-time job? Let us know! Tell your PrideStaff coordinator that your goal is to land a full-time position. This way, we’ll be sure to help you find assignments that may be temp-to-hire or direct hire. And if you’re already on assignment and you really enjoy working at the company, it is completely appropriate to let your supervisor know that you appreciate working there. 

Expand your skills. PrideStaff offers great resources to help you build your skills. We offer a wide variety of ways to enhance your skills including computer software training, and it’s always 100% free to you as a PrideStaff field associate. The more you develop your skills, the more jobs we’ll be able to offer you. In addition to technical skills, PrideStaff can help you improve your resume and interviewing skills, so that you’ll be prepared to make a great impression.

Learn about the company. If a particular company interests you, or you are already there on assignment, take the time to learn about the company. Go onto the company’s website. Sign up for their newsletter. Read through their brochures. Find out everything there is to know about their history, who works there, their vision and corporate culture. This way, you’ll be prepared should you be offered an interview.

Be willing to accept any assignment. Maybe the drive is a little further than you wanted. Or maybe the job duties are not exactly what you had imagined. Keep an open mind. Many assignments turn out to be great opportunities and can lead to other assignments and job openings. 

Always have a positive attitude and strive to do more than your supervisor expects. Put your best self forward. Be on time, every day. Look your best. Come up with new ideas, identify a need, and help solve problems. The more you contribute, the more the employer will want you back. And when you do a great job representing PrideStaff, you’ll get more calls for future assignments. 

Build a strong relationship with your staffing coordinator. The main ingredient in any strong relationship is communication. Not on assignment yet? Call your staffing coordinator once at the beginning of each week to let him/her know that you’re available. You don’t need to call us every day, but an occasional check in helps! Also, please keep us abreast of any changes in your availability. 

In today’s market, there is a lot of competition for the top jobs. Maximize your chances for success by developing strong skills, always giving 110%, and maintaining a positive attitude. Your strong relationship with PrideStaff will ensure that we will think of you when that dream job comes around. 

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