PrideStaff Online Timekeeping Client Agreement

Thank you for choosing PrideStaff! Please read the following information regarding the terms of this Timekeeping agreement. Payment terms and placement fees negotiated and agreed to by both parties outside of this Agreement, confirmed by either a separate contract or written communication (email), supersede the applicable terms below.

It is certified by the individual approving these hours, on behalf of the client, that the hours listed are correct and that the work was performed in a satisfactory manner.

Client agrees that PrideStaff’s obligation to Client is limited to assigning Associates with certain skills and abilities and, with regard to such Associates, to maintain personnel and payroll records; calculate and pay wages; withhold and remit payroll taxes and other government-mandated charges (including workers’ compensation insurance premiums); hire, assign, reassign, counsel, discipline and discharge.

Client’s signature on this timesheet certifies that the hours are correct, that the work was performed to Client’s satisfaction, and authorizes PrideStaff to bill Client for such hours. Client agrees that, in the event a PrideStaff Associate works any overtime hours (as defined by applicable state and/or federal wage and hour laws) for Client, Client will pay an increase in the bill rate to reflect such additional compensation plus applicable markup.

Client agrees to pay upon net 14 days of invoice. If it becomes necessary for PrideStaff to place the account for collection, Client shall be liable for all applicable attorney fees plus any and all reasonable costs, disbursements and interest in connection therewith.

Client agrees that it will not entrust PrideStaff Associates with any unattended premises, cash, checks, credit cards, keys, merchandise, confidential or trade secret information, negotiable instruments or other valuables. Client also agrees that it will not permit any PrideStaff Associate to operate machinery or use (drive/operate or ride in) any vehicle (including powered industrial trucks), regardless of ownership, in connection with the performance of services unless authorized in advance by PrideStaff. Additionally, Client agrees that it will supervise the performance of PrideStaff Associates for the duration of their assignment with Client, and that no Associate will have final sign-off authority on any work or product.

Client shall comply with all applicable state and federal regulations, including but not limited to those pertaining to equal opportunity employment, health and safety (OSHA), equal pay (EPA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Client agrees to furnish PrideStaff Associates with safe working conditions/equipment and to train PrideStaff Associates in safety procedures necessary for performance of the required job duties while on assignment with Client. Client agrees to indemnify and hold PrideStaff harmless from claims/demands resulting from unsafe working conditions or OSHA violations related to premises owned or controlled by Client where PrideStaff employees are assigned.

Client understands that during the course of its business relationship with PrideStaff, Client may have access to confidential information regarding PrideStaff Associates. Client agrees that it will adopt and/or employ reasonable safeguards to ensure privacy of confidential employee information, including but not limited to: Social Security Numbers, Driver’s License numbers, home address and phone numbers, results of consumer and/or investigative consumer reports and any employment-related drug screens. Client agrees that any use of this information requires express permission from PrideStaff and must be restricted to legitimate business reasons.

Should Client decide to hire the PrideStaff Field Associate, Client agrees to pay a direct hire placement fee 30% of the employee’s first year’s guaranteed annual compensation; or, the Field Associate will remain on PrideStaff’s payroll for the minimum number of hours that is required to reach the 30% of annual salary in Gross Margin, unless an alternative agreement exists in writing with PrideStaff. A fee is also applicable if a PrideStaff Field Associate is hired by your company within a 12-month period following the completion date of the assignment. Charges for our service are entirely based upon Client’s hiring through PrideStaff referral. Referral constitutes any written or verbal presentation of the candidate’s qualifications or employment history.

Please feel free to contact PrideStaff should there be any additional questions, comments or suggestions. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you in the future.