Make a Referral, Make a Difference.

Help feed North Texas winter storm victims.

In the wake of the damage and devastation created by a crippling winter storm, many in our community are struggling.

To help bring relief to those who need it most, PrideStaff North Dallas has temporarily shifted our charitable giving. Now through June 30, 2021, our referral program will provide financial support to North Texas Food Bank.

You can help feed families in need by referring a business to us. Refer an employer using the form below, and when we match one of our carefully selected associates with the business you referred, we will donate $500 in your name to NTFB.*

Refer 1 client and feed up to 1,500 people!

95 percent of donations to NTFB go directly to hunger relief programs, so every $500 provides roughly 1,500 meals. Your referral can make a tremendous impact on the lives of those devastated by this storm.

* To qualify, an official job order must be filled by PrideStaff North Dallas for the company you refer. Check out the program rules.

  • Step 1 - Business Information

  • Step 2 - Your Information

  • Referral program not available in all locations. Check with your local PrideStaff office for details.
Program Rules
Participating PrideStaff offices implemented the following Client Referral Program for eligible PrideStaff Clients and certain PrideStaff brand employees who refer a business to a separate business unit. When an eligible participant refers a business to a separate PrideStaff business unit, he/she will be eligible for a charitable contribution to be made in their name provided all other criteria are met in accordance with this Program.

* The maximum contribution amount made by PrideStaff for the program will be up to $10,000 based on the total number of qualifying referrals.

Only certain PrideStaff brand employees are eligible to participate in this Program. PrideStaff Corporate staff and PrideStaff branch office staff are not eligible to participate.

1. Clients
All current and former PrideStaff Clients are eligible to participate.

2. PrideStaff Corporate Employees

Current PrideStaff Corporate and branch office staff are not eligible to participate in this program, with the exception that current Rx relief, PrideStaff Financial and Insurance Relief employees are eligible to make referrals to a completely separate business unit and only if they would not otherwise be eligible for incentive compensation if the referred business places a job order. For example, an Rx relief employee would be eligible for a charitable donation to be made in their name when a potential new client is referred to PrideStaff, a placement is made, and all other criteria are met.

3. Others

Any other person who is not affiliated with PrideStaff is potentially eligible to participate.

Donation Criteria
To be eligible for PrideStaff to make a charitable contribution on behalf of a participant, the referred business: (1) must place an official job order within three (3) months of the referral; (2) the official job order must be filled by the participating PrideStaff office; (3) a PrideStaff employee must be placed on assignment at the referred business; (4) cannot be the result of a sales function such as a networking event held in the normal course of business; AND (5) the referred business cannot be an existing or recent (at least one placement within twelve (12) months) of the PrideStaff business unit to which the client was referred.

The referring participant will not be eligible to receive the donation if their referral: (1) has already been referred by someone else; (2) has already completed a client profile to the PrideStaff Companies within the past twelve (12) months. The donation will be made to a qualifying charity listed as a part of the program. Only one donation per business referred.

For purposes of this Program, a “qualifying charity” includes any organization qualified under section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. All referrals must be submitted electronically to the Proud to Refer® link located on the PrideStaff website. PrideStaff reserves the right to change these program rules at any time.

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