3 Ways To Adjust to The New Work-Life Balance

Call it whatever you want to:

  • Thriving in the post-pandemic workplace.
  • Adjusting to the workplace “new normal.”
  • Establishing an optimal work-life mix.

What you really want to know is:

Does work-life balance even exist anymore?

And if so…

How can I be happy, focused, present and effective in my work…and personal life, too?

Here are the answers you’re looking for.

First off, thanks to the pandemic (and all things remote work), the term “work-life balance” is a thing of the past. While the concept used to make sense – people could step away from the office or the shop floor and leave their work behind – the proliferation of mobile tech has obliterated the distinction between where work ends and where the rest of your life begins. As a result, you may:

  • Worry about making yourself available outside your work hours.
  • Be dealing with burnout – especially if you work from home, or if your employer is having difficulty hiring and keeping good people.
  • Experience anxiety over proving that you’re working productively when working remotely.

That’s not a recipe for happiness, satisfaction, or fulfillment, is it?

The NEW Work-Life Balance

If you’re struggling to find a healthy balance between your work and personal life, reframing your thinking may help:

1. Look at work-life mix as a process, not an achievement.

If you think you’ll reach some artificial finish line with work-life balance, you’re setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment. The truth is, it’s an endless pursuit. Think of managing your work-life mix as an ongoing part of your career satisfaction – not a one-time goal to achieve.

2. Strive for satisfaction, not separation.

In many roles and industries, the lines between work life and personal life have been forever blurred. So, instead of fighting to keep the two separated, make peace with those blurred lines. Focus on ways to protect yourself from burnout and improve your overall job satisfaction. These earlier posts contain helpful suggestions:

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    2. Feeling Burned Out? Try These Strategies to Help
    3. 5 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Re-Energize

3. Stop thinking you need to fix things entirely on your own.

If the steps you’re taking to improve your work-life satisfaction aren’t working, it may be time to talk to a PrideStaff recruiter. We can help you assess your strengths, confidentially explore your options, and find a great new job. Best of all, our services are free to you. Join our Talent Community, search local jobs or apply with PrideStaff today.