5 Ways to Effectively Speed Up the Recruitment Process

The Times Square ball takes just 60 seconds to drop.

But what you don’t see is the countless hours of planning and work that go into building the crystal triangles (yes, Waterford builds a new ball each year), assembling it on-site, and then preparing it for one glorious minute in the spotlight.

Recruiting is a lot like that ball drop. If you want the process to be smooth, effective, and fast, you need to put in the work ahead of time. So if you’re planning to hire in the New Year, today’s post is just for you. Below, we share five tips to accelerate the recruitment phase of hiring – so you can get great people working for you, sooner.

5 Ways to Speed Up the Recruiting Process

1. Be more proactive.

Faster, more effective recruiting starts with a clear strategy. In “What Is Proactive Recruiting?” we share essential tips for anticipating your hiring needs, casting a wide net to attract the right talent, having updated job descriptions ready to go, building talent pools, and more. When you plan well, you’re ready to hit the ground running and will see recruiting results sooner.

2. Offer a 6-figure salary.

Did that get your attention? Great pay gets qualified talent’s attention, too – and compels them to click “Apply.” While you obviously have a limited budget (and can’t offer every candidate $100k/year to start), advertise the best pay rate you can. Instead of posting “$16.00/hr. and up,” try phrasing like “up to $19.00/hr., DOE.”

3. Find ways to get more eyeballs on your jobs.

You may offer amazing jobs, a great culture, and competitive pay, but accelerating recruiting requires getting your jobs in front of the right people. Fast. Here’s a quick laundry list of tactics you can try to increase job discoverability:

    1. Optimize your Google Jobs.
    2. Distribute your jobs to aggregators and niche job boards.
    3. Use paid distributions to get your jobs in front of the right audience.
    4. Use Facebook Jobs.
    5. Create more inbound links to your jobs.

4. Make it faster and easier for candidates to apply.

Remove roadblocks in your candidate-intake process that slow things down and drive qualified job-seekers away. If you have a job board, take advantage of all its functionality to simplify the search process – and make it easier for visitors to find the right jobs for them. Make sure you offer a great experience for applying on mobile, and look for ways to shorten your application process. Anything you can do to remove “friction” in the application process will speed up recruiting.

5. Outsource your recruiting to a qualified partner.

When you have an immediate need or hard-to-fill position, a national employment agency like PrideStaff can help you hire faster, more successfully, and with minimal disruption to your business. We can even provide temporary support to “fill the gap” while we search for your ideal candidate.

Hiring in the New Year?

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