Why You Should Consider Going Back to Work Now

“The early bird gets the worm.”

Is it an overused phrase? Maybe, but only because it’s true – especially when it comes to heading back to work.

For a number of reasons, it’s tempting to hit the snooze button on your job search right now:

  • Unemployment benefits have been temporarily boosted.
  • Social distancing is still in effect.
  • You may even have concerns about your safety at work.

But instead of procrastinating, here’s why you should channel your inner “early bird” – and jump back into work now:

3 Reasons to Go Back to Work NOW

  1. Unemployment benefits won’t last forever.
    Unemployment benefits will eventually expire. Once that additional compensation goes away, the job market will be flooded with candidates – all competing for the same job openings as you. By starting your job search before this surge, you get a jump on the competition and improve your chances of landing an interview (and ultimately, a great job).
  2. Returning now prevents stress and worry.
    As the date for your benefits expiration draws closer, your anxiety will likely increase. That anxiety can quickly turn to job search desperation – forcing you to take any job, even one you know isn’t right for you. Returning to work now as a temporary associate prevents panic and gives you time to find your ideal job. Working on assignment affords you control over your schedule while earning good money. And you never know: if you enjoy the work and your supervisor is impressed with your performance, that short-term assignment may ultimately lead to a direct job offer from the employer.
  3. Boost your resume and prove your work ethic.
    The sooner you get back to work, the shorter your employment gap on your resume will be (which is one less job search hurdle you will have to clear). In addition, finding a job before the end of July demonstrates that you’re a self-starter who is industrious, proactive and responsible. These are all qualities employers look for, and they provide great talking points during job interviews.

Ready to go back to work – but concerned about safety?

Find an opportunity in a safe work environment with PrideStaff. We work with employers to ensure they provide safe, compliant environments for our associates. Rest assured that if you accept an assignment through us, it will be with an employer who follows established protocols.

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